Important Spectator Info

Ultra-Trail Australia is about more than just those lining up on the start line. Friends, family and support crew are all integral to the magical atmosphere and vibe across all 4 days of the event.

As a result of capacity restrictions placed upon events by the NSW Government, spectators will need to be kept to a minimum at Ultra-Trail Australia in 2021. Friends and family are asked to please support and participate in all COVID Safe measures.

All runners will receive one spectator wristband which will provide a spectator of their choosing the opportunity to attend

  • Merchandise and Expo during the check-in times allocated to your race
  • The start line of your race,
  • The finish line during your race.

For race times please see the event schedule. Spectators and supporters under 16 years will be exempt from this and can attend these spectator zones without a wristband. (Please note: Those in UTA100 will need to specify whether you expect to finish on Saturday 15 May or Sunday 16 May as this will determine which band your spectator receives).

UTA100 runners will also receive two support crew wristbands which, along with your vehicle pass will provide you with access to checkpoints CP3, CP4 & CP5.

At all locations, runners and spectators will need to check in to the Service NSW App. Please download this before arriving at the event.

If you have further questions please email


Access details

Expo & Merchandise Runners & one Spectator You will need to show your check-in confirmation email upon entry to KCC Plaza. This will allow access for Runner and one Spectator Yes, but only during the day of your race check-in and with the provided wristband
Check-in Runners only You will need to show your check-in confirmation email upon entry to KCC Auditorium Yes, on the day of your race check-in only
Start line Runners & one Spectator Runner wristband or Spectator wristband to be shown upon entry Yes, but only with a wristband on the day of your/your runner's race
Checkpoints 1 & 2 Runners only UTA100 runner wristband No
Checkpoint 3, 4 & 5 Runners & two Support Crew UTA100 runner wristband or UTA100 crew wristband supplied at race check-in No
Finish line Runners & one Spectator Runner wristband or Spectator wristband to be shown upon entry

Yes, but only with a wristband on the day of your/your runner's race

Expo & Merchandise

One spectator wristband will be received at Race Check-In by the Runner who can hand this to the spectator post Race Check-In. Spectators on their own without a wristband cannot access KCC Plaza Expo & Merchandise area.

Spectators 16 & Under

Spectators aged 16 & under will be provided access into any spectator areas. They will need to be accompanied by someone who has a spectator wristband to gain access to these areas. 

On course viewing

We ask that Spectators looking to watch their Runners on course, at any time during the race. Respect social distancing measures, road rules, and do so in a safe manner.

Finish chute

Unfortunately, you won't be able to join your runner in the finish chute this year. You will be able to meet them for your post-race celebrations after your runner has exited recovery at KCC Oval where they will also collect your drop bags.


Does my wristband allow me to exit and then re-enter?

Yes – your wristband will allow you to exit the designated spectator area and re-enter. You will receive a wristband that is race specific to the race your runner is competing in. You must enter and exit at the designated in/out points within each of the spectator areas. If you have been in previously, you will not receive priority entry, you may have to wait in line to re-enter​. 

Where can I watch my runner during the race​?

We recommend that you find a location on course where you can safely watch your runners while socially distancing. Please do not stand on open or closed roads. Please do not attend Checkpoints or Water Points on course.​

How will I know when my runner is nearing the finish line?​

We know that it can be difficult to predict when a runner may be finishing, as a lot can happen out on course! We recommend discussing with your runners their expected finish time while also using the UTA app for runner tracking, where you can view their split times at certain points on course. LiveTrail also provides predictive tracking. ​

I’m a crew member for the UTA100 – where do I pick up my vehicle sticker and crew wristband?​

Each runner who has registered their crew member will be able to pick up their crew vehicle sticker and crew wristbands at the time of check-in. Runners will be allocated two crew wristbands that can be used at Checkpoints CP3, CP4 and CP5 only. These wristbands must be worn by crew at all times.

Can I purchase additional spectator or crew wristbands and vehicle stickers?​

No, each runner will only receive one spectator wristband. Those in the UTA100 will only receive an additional two crew wristbands and one vehicle sticker. ​

Will my UTA Crew Wristband get me into expo, finish line or start line?​

No, the UTA100 Crew wristband will only get you into CP3, CP4 & CP5​

Does my Runner Wristband from UTA100 or 50 allow me access into the Finish Line area for the UTA 11, or 22 & vice versa?​

No, the wristbands you are provided only provide you access to the finish line on the day of your race. 

Follow the race

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Follow the front end of the field with live updates and insight from course and race experts. Available via the app or website.

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Follow your friends on the UTA Event App with athlete tracking. You can also track the elites in real time around the course and follow runners live splits at

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Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for highlights and key moments.

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Check out all the finish line action. Available via the app or website.

Download the App

For everything you need to know about UTA, please download the latest version of Ultra-Trail Australia app. It has the full event schedule, course maps and other key event information you need ahead of arriving in Katoomba.

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Live Results

Live results will be available via the event app and the live website. UTA100 runners can estimate how long each leg will take so your support crew can use this as a guideline of when to meet you at the allowed checkpoints. You can also phone your support crew during the event to let them know your progress

Getting around

Visit the transport services page for free shuttle bus info and venue access details